Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Blog!

Helloooooo out there blogging world! 

Back from the dead, only to announce my new tumblr!
I'm planning on focusing it more on personal entries/pictures with
 the odd share/inspiration from other tumblrs :) Check it out! 
Still very new, so not much content~

Tumblr is way easier to use and share/like pictures, videos, etc, which is why I switched over.
Feel free to check out my tumblr and follow ♥

Friday, May 18, 2012

Retiring my blog

I don't find myself wanting to use this blog anymore!
I loved it when I was more into gal style, but now that im not,
I think there is nothing to post about hahaha

I might start a tumblr! (other than the dream one)
It's kind of like ' a new beginning ' or some shit :)

Thanks you guys who have followed my blog!
I hope there was something useful in it for ya~☆

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Yes... we did...

We did indeed go to the club with Guy Fawkes masks... hahahaha

Me and Anchi, photo by Guppy :)

I'm dancing in my favorite spot, by the speaker!
Photo by Chris/Organix

Besides the random photo update, life is good right now :)

Still trying to find a full time job and slaving away with the part
time jobs, but at least im surviving and enjoying my days!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

☆New Love☆

♥♥♥ My new lovely shoes ♥♥♥

I wanted to buy new shoes for a long time!!
And these ones are toooo cute~

This style is from a brand called Iron Fist

These ones are from Aldo :)
I had my eye on them since September last year,
finally waited for so long for a sale! Yahooooo~

My white chair is a perfect background for photos, isnt it!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year~ More fun☆

2012 best be better than 2011!
I think it will be great!

Ahhh what can I say that i've been up to...
working as usual, partying as usual, watching dramas as usual :P

I just want to upload some recent pix~

@ Organix on Friday, Jan 6 :)
Organix is my SUPER favorite club to go to~
Dancing to awesome psytrance allllll night!!!
I can't wait for summer for the outdoor afterparties

This was my xmas outfit to go to Organix on Dec.23
Satan Santa :)

Lights display at the hospital,
its so pretty~ I love walking by

Dec.24th xmas eve party at Meighan/Rafael/Catalina's apt
It was one of the best xmas party ever!
Look at the cute mini trees :)


and xmas day I just slept all day♥