Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Girl's History of Egg - Flowers

Egg has a special edition mook about the
last 10 years history from some popular
models from egg editions long long ago haha

I hope somebody can scan/upload this!!
It will be cute/interesting to see ♥

I did find some pictures★
But I wonder about the rest (and good quality)
haha but I don't think I would buy
this mook for real, just I want to seeeeeee~~

~example pix~

models featured:
浅田美香 - Asada Mika
石井めぐ - Ishii Megu
板垣智 - Itagako Tomo
太田夕子 - Ohta Yuko
小野智子 - Ono Tomoko
柴田彩 - Shibata Aya
中平亜紀 - Nakahira Aki
畑澤葵 - Hatazawa Aoi
宮下美恵 - Miyashita Mie