Monday, October 24, 2011

☆Halloween Costumes☆

So far I have been wearing a few costumes at work!

That's a really fun part of my job in this season :)
I love costumes! I feel nostalgic about cosplay in highschool, hahaha

A family owns the store im in and the one next door,
the one next door has halloween costumes!
So we promote their costumes in the shoe store by wearing them.

I tried on a lot which don't suit me at all, but I found
some which I really like!

We also sell some costumes in the lingerie store but they
are mooooore cheap quality (except the one I bought hehe)

I'm supposed to be a 'ravishing rogue pirate' or smth like that
Also alice! Don't mind the leggings and cons :) Work uniform
you could say, working in a shoe store haha

I wore this one twice because this is my favorite!!!!!

The flapper girl is from the lingerie store im working at,
I bought that one for halloween because I wanted a dress
I could wear in another occasion too :)
The gypsy one is waaaaay cute too!!! I was excited wearing that one.
A homeless guy on the street told me I'm from Cirque du Soleil *I wish*

Let's see what I wear for the rest of my shifts~ :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

W♥C Center Street☆

Exciting news for W♥C fans!

As some of you probably know, they closed their 109 location,
but opened up with a huge location on shibuya center street right by 109!

I couldn't find any good pictures of their new store :P
Found these in staff blog/press blog :)

The front window is huge!! With swinging kuma~tan!
Its supposed to be a few levels, so
the window is actually 2 stories high★

Staff and huuuuge line. I would love that outfit
to wear around the house hahaha

I did however find a picture of their cutest map ever!

I want to visit the store!!
Somebody take me hehe~

Thursday, October 6, 2011

若旦那 (Wakadanna) - Tasuki short videos with popular gal models :)

Wakadanna (japanese music artist) has done a new project
and the videos for the song are featuring some gal models.
I think the video's are quite sweet~ About LOOOVVVEEE :)

I like this one with Nemoyayo~ Its quite cute, like a 'first love' ♥

A promo vid showing everyone who participated. I don't know
all of them so if you know, hope u can comment so I can add to my post :)

This one is cute too~ Have a fight but make it up! ラブラブ~
With Minemura Yui~ I think she modelled with Ranzuki before.

Check out more videos on youtube!!

若旦那 / TASUKI

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Animated Shawna :)

I'm working on a video project, which when finished I will post here~
But right now we have a short clip of it,
so a friend of my friend (who is directing/filming)
saw the clip so far and she decided to draw a picture of me!
I was so happy with the result, its hella cute!!

By Etsuko♥

Doesn't it look like me!! hahahaha!!
The scene is that my mom hammers my thumb
while im holding a nail up to hang some art :P

Saturday, October 1, 2011

★★Sponsored Post★★

Today I have 2 reviews!
Same lens, different colors!


Size: 14.8 mm
Color: Brown
Style: GEO XCM-214 Super Size Angel Brown
Lifetime: Up to 1 year
Water Content: 38%

Stock Photo

In the case. The color is really nice!

With flash! My usual work style makeup :)

In natural light, blends in more with my natural color.

I rate these lenses

I love the color of these lenses! I also prefer these larger size
because its better for enlargement :) These lenses are very comfortable
I could wear them all day from when I did my makeup in the morning
to coming home in night. The only thing I did not like about them
is with their coloring design, having the little black dots near the pupil and then
it going into brown. I feel like it doesn't blend that well.
I much prefer lenses with a design that doesn't include that middle ring of dark dots.

Second One :)

Size: 14.8 mm
Color: Grey
Style: GEO XCM-214 Super Size Angel Brown
Lifetime: Up to 1 year
Water Content: 38%

Stock Photo

In the case. Love this light grey color~

Photo with natural light :)

With flash. Color is not as cold :)

I rate these lenses

I have pretty much the same thoughts as with the brown ones.
For color, comfort, size, its very nice, just not happy with the inner
ring of black dots around the pupil. I do find the grey lenses give
me a sort of more mature look, the color is more cold compared
with the warm color of the brown lens.

Thanks for looking! Don't forget to check out
if you like to order any lenses :)