Thursday, October 6, 2011

若旦那 (Wakadanna) - Tasuki short videos with popular gal models :)

Wakadanna (japanese music artist) has done a new project
and the videos for the song are featuring some gal models.
I think the video's are quite sweet~ About LOOOVVVEEE :)

I like this one with Nemoyayo~ Its quite cute, like a 'first love' ♥

A promo vid showing everyone who participated. I don't know
all of them so if you know, hope u can comment so I can add to my post :)

This one is cute too~ Have a fight but make it up! ラブラブ~
With Minemura Yui~ I think she modelled with Ranzuki before.

Check out more videos on youtube!!

若旦那 / TASUKI

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