Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Alife style and purikura! + gets

Went out with Jinny today~
Decided to wear my new alife shirt!
Went for dinner at zakkushi izakaya later...
changed into something more warm haha~

also got some stuff for Boxing Day!!


Hat ~ H&M
Shirt ~ Alife
Skirt ~ Zipia

Later wore this

Hat ~ Alife
Shirt ~ Alife
Coat ~ fake superlovers
Shoes ~ obviously converse haha


Open toe booties with a ruffle detail..
sorry bad cellcam quality pic :P

Alife shirt~ Tabloid style
was really needing a new boxy tee shirt~ its perfect

Stussy tshirt, just loved the colors on the design :D

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Jay Kin !! :)

Just want to share some videos!
Jay Kin, local hiphop artist!

I blogged about the gal hair show
I went to and he was doing a performance
which was kinda the reason I ended up going

He's a really cool guy and we get
along with him well, so I want to share
his music with everyone to promote him :)

Jay Kin's website!!


Funny Christmas Jingle~

On Japanese TV a while back

My favorite is sneakers and video games!!
Has such a cool beat~

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cutest boy in the world!

If you follow e_g you've already seen this photo~

So this is Lucas, my buddy!
He is like a little bro to me.

Long story short,
I started babysitting him,
got close to him and his papa like family,
lost my apartment, moved in with them.
I'm kinda like a live in nanny/english tutor
Yeah, c'est la vie!

So for fun I like to dress him up~
The other day we were just waiting
for his papa to stop being a lazy ass
so we can go grocery shopping
and I decided to do our hair and style~

Monday, December 13, 2010


I went to Metrotown a few days ago and took some doggy pix
I also work near a pet store in Richmond Center and took kitty pix

Locked up trying to escape!

This one is hella cute!

Also hella cute!

I feel bad for these orange cats... they are so big now
and still in the window.. nobody wanna buy...

But these white ones are soooo cute~

chillin out~

Battle cry!? (no just yawn!)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gaijin Gyaru video by LadyLi :)

This has been going around the FB networks so I thought why
not share it here for people to watch who might not have seen it.
It's a really great video which is encouraging for western gals!
And includes my super amazing Bulaklak sisters,
Monica, Ashley, and Shiena!

LadyLi (Lhouraii) put this project together :)
She's also an awesome gal!

So, take a look :)

★Part 1★

★Part 2★