Thursday, September 30, 2010


Yesterday Ryota showed me this video and I realllllly loved it haha!
It's hilarious, the dancing, and peoples faces on the street, the kids in
the video, and the fact that its Genki Sudo, former mixed martial arts
K-1 and UFC fighter LOL didn't expect that.
It's kinda old but I haven't seen it yet~

On the topic of japanese singers...

Nakagawa Ayumi! 14 year old now...good musician, with sad lyrics~
I like her because she doesn't make that awful nasaly high pitched voice
which most j-pop singers make.
(Ayu is an exception because she used to be good!)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

CNN international - Shibuya/Gyaru article

I thought this was an interesting read, but
Gyaru > Guido
There's just so much more to it so I don't really like the comparison.
Probably the only reason for comparison really is the tanning.
But what the hell, a lot of people tan besides gals, or guidos.
So its not a really solid comparison.

I guess its only sad because I love gyaru style, but I can
understand from an outside point of view and how they can
compare it to something north american audiences are familiar with
ooohhh... MTV... haha

Check out the story here!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

アゲる!POP祭り2010 『Popteen』 『PopSister』 モデルが集結!

A fashion show with models from Popteen and PopSister :)
A lot of cute coordinates!
I made some quick collages for the themes and outfits I liked the best!
You can check out the full page with all photos here :)




girly (great examples fur trend, nordic trend)

sexy and cool

Which look is your favorite??
I love the girly and sweet look, because you play it up and
be sexy cute. Nice trendy items right now too! Love it :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

NYC trip and photo collages!! finally

You can check out more photos from our trip on
our facebook page here!

Click on the photos to enlarge them :)


We arrived and met up with
Amber, Yanise, and David.
It was just a chill night to relax and
have some food and sleep~ :)
(didnt really take photos :P)


Headed to the Zoo!
We tried to walk thru central park first and
that ended up taking forever. Tried to get the hang
of the public transit and realized how many mistakes
we've made and at this time we're running insanely late!
Good thing nobody showed up for the zoo (I hope!)

The zoo itself was not really worth it I thought-
a lot of the animals I wanted to see cost more
on top of the gate ticket price which was lame.

We decided to go back and then head to Times Square
which was really really fun and a cool place to visit
(though im sure not for new yorkers haha)

Ate dinner at the most amazing restaurant ever!
Ruby Foo's!! I recommend it to everyone :)

Afterwards consisted of exploring and trying
to find a liqour shop in which we couldn't T_T
Its alright, we were so tired!!

We ate lunch and went to chinatown for
sticker pictures which were INSANELY expensive
so please DO NOT GO THERE if you are visiting NYC!!
(it cost us $55 for one set plus a copy of the set)

Met up with Katsu, Yanise, David, and a girl which
I forgot her name so im so sorry!! lol
Had a lot of fun at Karaoke!! I wish there was
cheap karaoke like that in Vancouver!!!!!

After Karaoke, went back to hotel to get ready for clubbing :)
Hachi and Eden and Yi met us in the club,
and the club was pretty lame until about 2am
so felt sorry for the girls! They left before it got any good.

There were a shit load of guido's and it was a total
dickfest in that place, but the acrobats and
other interesting things which were part of their circus theme
were what made it a little bit better :)

Emily and Justin had to leave
quite early to the airport T_T so sad
Me, Shannon, and Tina met up with Yanise and David
to have a picnic in central park :) It was a nice,
relaxing time. Afterwards headed to flushing to
meet up with Amber, Eden, and Hachi :)
Took a bunch of purikura which can be seen in
my previous entry :) They were all fun!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Purikura from my new york trip

Still waiting on photos to post...
but I have uploaded the purikura from
the new york trip for your viewing pleasure ;)
Take a look!!

<~~ LOL

Monday, September 6, 2010

A rainy day!

casual look today

Today is rainy!
I met up with Kathy and got a shirt from her :)
I'll wear it once I put an outfit together~

Well since I am bored, I photoshopped a photo
of me from grade 1 into a scary gal lol....

well, if only I can do my hair like that, hahaha

I will update about New York once most of
the pictures everyone took are uploaded!
I wanna choose my faves so wait for it :)