Thursday, September 30, 2010


Yesterday Ryota showed me this video and I realllllly loved it haha!
It's hilarious, the dancing, and peoples faces on the street, the kids in
the video, and the fact that its Genki Sudo, former mixed martial arts
K-1 and UFC fighter LOL didn't expect that.
It's kinda old but I haven't seen it yet~

On the topic of japanese singers...

Nakagawa Ayumi! 14 year old now...good musician, with sad lyrics~
I like her because she doesn't make that awful nasaly high pitched voice
which most j-pop singers make.
(Ayu is an exception because she used to be good!)

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Shahana Style said...

Wow! She is very good. I agree about the annoying nasal sound. I don't mind sopranos, I just hate that whiney sound. Thanks for sharing!