Thursday, October 28, 2010

Current gyaru trends, places to get them!

I've been window shopping lately, and noticing that
whats hot in gyaru is also popping up and
pretty easily accessible in N. America.

I firmly believe that you do not need to own a single piece
of brand clothing to be gal!

So I'll be spotlighting 5 gyaru trends I love
and showing you some places i've seen them which
you could run out and access instantly without needing
to deal with shopping services, shipping charges, and auction sites.

So first and my personal favorite for the season: FUR!
furfurfurfur!! Fake or real, I don't mind!

Here are some looks you might have seen in some magazines
showing the trend!

Legwarmers and foxtail keychain are my favorite!
I've got furry legwarmers so far,
and looking for the perfect keychain~

Where to get it!?

I found Zara to have a really nice selection!

click to enlarge

Second, I'll talk about: PONCHO/CAPE

It's trendy this season, but usually is around every season.
I've seen it popping up more in magazines than usual, so I
would consider it a trend for this season.
It's really cute and versatile, available with elements
from other trends too so it ties in nicely with the season :)

Some looks from magazines...

Cute styles of poncho showing nordic, fur, knit

Where to get it!?

Value Village
For real! Since you're reading my blog,
you would and should definitely know this.
Fashion recycles! And what better place to
find cheap, trendy pieces if you know what
you're looking for!! I've been to a few different
locations recently and have seen ponchos
in every. single. one. (and picked one up for myself!)

click to enlarge

Third trend I want to talk about: NORDIC

I have to admit I hated this trend when I first came
across it! I thought it was hella ugly,
but the more I saw it, the more diferent ways I saw it,
I opened up to it and actually have come to love it.
(Just havent found anything to suit me!)
I also haven't found much love for it in N. America
mostly in Zara so go have a look!

Looks from a mag!

Not particularly fond of the tight sweater dress look,
but love the nordic print loose sweater!

Where to get it!?

click to enlarge

Forth.. lets take a look at: ANIMAL

OK! Animal print is in every fall/winter season!
But it never gets old and I never stop loving it.
To keep it current, tie it in with other current trends.
Furry animal prints, deep olive hue animal prints, etc....

Magazine looks :)

I like the look from Ageha, furry animal print jacket
paired with lace and chains top. So sexy!
Where to get it!?

Shit! Everywhere!! Seriously!!
From thrift stores to high end stores.
From accessories, nails, jackets, shoes, top,
animal print will be EVERYWHERE as usual! :P

click to enlarge

Last but not least: MILITARY

Military is another trend which is
pretty usual for fall/winter but this year
in gal more apparent as well.

You would usually associate military with a sexy cool vibe/style,
but look at that sweet military style to the right!
Change it up this season!

Where to get it!?
Military/Army surplus stores with apparel sections

You might think you would only be able to
find boring, cliche military looks in these stores
but you'd be surprised! Camoflouge, Vancouver BC

These of course are just a few examples
and from stores available to me here in
Canada. I tried to include stores available
in the USA too so go out and go shopping.

Also, try going into stores you wouldnt
normally think of ever going in,
sometimes there are really amazing finds!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gyaru halloween karaoke, spice girls, and more~

Just to show you all whats up!!
★Halloween Karaoke
☆Spice Girl Variety Show


ok I was kinda pissed off because almost every singly person
cancelled!! Great thing I didn't reserve the room after all!
We had 5 people total, including me, LOL...
damn that was dissapointing but what can you expect
from Vancouverites hey?? :) Well, I had fun nontheless!

I think I wanna make this my blog header! Its cute!
edit// NOW IT IS muahaha

Spice Girl - Variety Show

A few weeks ago, I was invited to perform in a
variety show as Baby Spice in a Spice Girl group.
I didn't get many photos unfortunately! T_T
But it was really fun!!

My camera on my cell is sooo terrible in dim lights...

Scary and Ginger changing :)
I didn't get a photo of sporty or posh tho...

Random photos

Just 2! I just wanted to include these because I liked them :)
Its me, and Lucas the boy I babysit (basically like my little bro~)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

REVIEW: Lush Trichomania shampoo bar

Yay~ Another review. I thought this time would be interesting,
because its a product i've never tried and never thought I would have
until I got the sample from Lush.

For anyone who doesn't know, Lush makes handmade
cosmetics from natural ingredients. Vegetarian products, not
tested on animals and they have lots of fun shapes and colors in their products~


So if you go to the site, the sample I had a sample of

Trichomania Shampoo

Coconut softener for dry hair.

The lady at Lush told me that it would be great for my hair, since its
been bleached and colored. She told me that I wouldn't need conditioner
as this shampoo also has a moisturizing effect.

  • Smells amazing!
  • Affordable Price
  • Cleanse your hair gently
  • My hair didn't get frizzy as usual and was easy to style after

  • Doesn't lather well, the site mentions using 3 strokes
    and massaging a lather into your scalp but I found
    myself really trying hard to even have a slight bubble
  • Doesn't moisturize as much as I would like
    Used a minimal amount conditioner afterwards
I would actually give this product....
4 out of 5 stars

I want to really try it out regularly and not just a sample.
I've used the sample 3 times so far, and have just enough for a 4th.
If you want to try, I recommend it because I believe it would
behave differently on other types of hair :)
I would not recommend buying a whole big piece,
but try out a sample~

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ugly girl, cute girl? Personal rant

This has nothing to do with fashion or anything so it
might not be interesting for some of you, more of a personal thing for me.


I absolutely hate it when a guy calls me cute, my boyfriend calls me cute,
my friends call me cute, and then, at another point in time,
I see a super ugly girl, and my friends call that ugly girl cute.


then I think to myself that I could just be another one of those ugly girls
and im in the same category as them. It's like "oh you think she's cute?
so what do you think about me? I'm the same as her???"

Oh my god.... I don't know if I am writing this in a way you guys can
understand but this has happened to me so many times and I hate it.

OH AND BTW always wear your seatbelts guys!!!
I got a ticket from the police today for $167 .. not wearing my seatbelt... -_-

Sunday, October 3, 2010

REVIEW: Rimmel London - The max volume flash mascara

I decided today to write my first mascara review.

"why?" you ask? Because I thought this was one of the
first times I've disliked a mascara.

Left side is with mascara, and right side is not.

Top eyes are an everyday boring girl makeup look,
so with that look, the mascara is a bit visible.

Lower set of eyes is an everyday look for me,
and the mascara is not really noticeable, even with 2 coats!

  • One of the reasons for buying this was the packaging,
    the pink color tube is too cute :)
  • Messy large brush, clumps easily
  • NOT WATERPROOF AT ALL! Sometimes when I yawn,
    my eyes water and this tiny bit of tearing led the
    mascara to run and smudge. It claims 'waterproof'
  • Claims to boost volume by 14X by working with a collagen
    and keratin formula. Totally did not achieve this effect at all!
  • Have to apply multiple coats to achieve any effect
  • The price is cheap compard to higher end mascaras,
    but the price is quite expensive for this lower than
    average quality product. Next, please!

So in conclusion I give this product 2 out of 5 stars
Because while I disliked it, it could work well
for a whole other group of girls with a natural style

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Back to ash~

bleached my roots and hair color is back to ash for the 3rd time :)
I love this haircolor a lot!!!

Tried out fake short hair style, I like it but I need to get better at
hiding the long hair in the back >.>

webcam is not great for colors/quality but my
cellphone is just the same at sucking haha