Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ugly girl, cute girl? Personal rant

This has nothing to do with fashion or anything so it
might not be interesting for some of you, more of a personal thing for me.


I absolutely hate it when a guy calls me cute, my boyfriend calls me cute,
my friends call me cute, and then, at another point in time,
I see a super ugly girl, and my friends call that ugly girl cute.


then I think to myself that I could just be another one of those ugly girls
and im in the same category as them. It's like "oh you think she's cute?
so what do you think about me? I'm the same as her???"

Oh my god.... I don't know if I am writing this in a way you guys can
understand but this has happened to me so many times and I hate it.

OH AND BTW always wear your seatbelts guys!!!
I got a ticket from the police today for $167 .. not wearing my seatbelt... -_-


Hachi said...

Why are they calling the ugly girl cute in the first place??? Lol...

You're a beautiful, above-average looking girl...there's no way you're in the same category as the ugly girls!

Omg about your ticket, that sucks!!! I just got a ticket a week ago because my brake light was out :/

sly said...

maybe cuz the word "cute" is so generic. I mean when you say an ugly girl's cute they could mean that she has a cute personality lol XD
Yes you are cute, but you're cute in the goregous sexy kind of way XP

Anonymous said...

well, those are all opinions actually, maybe he does really find her cute and you.
but yes ;p i agree with you're point, to me being called cute is the same thing as normal or ok but not yet ugly.

but you're def. not ugly! you're very pretty ~~

Dαиιelα said...

hi! *--* I'm following you ": D
I will try to contact '^ ^
also hate it, aaargh 'but I try to lead.
kisses: *

Ragrunzel said...

LOL that's exactly what I'm thinking! My boyfriend (and some other people I know) have such a bad taste in girls, imo, and when they say that I'm beautiful, cute or such, I'm afraid I belong to this category of unattractive girls :D
woah, that sounds so superficial, which I absolutely am not. But this topic is about the looks, so...

Eden said...

How I see it, cute usually is in reference to a behavior or style, rather than physical appearance.
You are beautiful, but also undeniably adorable in your style/behavior :)

I hate the word cute, because sometimes it's such a limiter, like when you try to be sexy but you're still seen as "cute" >/