Hey everyone♥ I'm Shawna!
But online I go by a nickname Happy Kiss.
I'm the co-leader of Sakuran Bomb, a local
Vancouver gal-sa~ Come chill with us sometime!

I'm living in East Van :)
I have 2 roomies and 1 kitty~

I'm interested in fashion and hopefully in the future
I can start up my own boutique~ Wish me luck!!

As for personal style, I love gal / gyaru style.
You can find more info about me and my style at this link,

My favorite kid in the world ♥ Lucas/りひと
 Miss him a lot!! (not my kid hahaha)

Color: Pink, Purple, Black, Blue, NEONS
Brands: Betsey Johnson, COCOLULU, d.i.a
Music: Dancehall, Dubstep, Reggae, Psytrance, House
Drink:White Choco Soy Mocha!!!! and Green Tea
Food: Korean, Italian, Mexican!!
Cities: Tokyo, L.A, New York, Vancouver
Animal: Penguin, Cat
Hobbies: パラパラ, Drawing, Fashion Design, Video Games
I loooove sleeping the most in my life!
So peaceful and dreamy~☆