Sunday, May 30, 2010

A nothing special post :)

Few weeks ago had schoolgirl day with my girls :)
I used one our purikura in my header as well,
but I like this shot too~~~

My ex-roomie went back to Japan!!
I'll have to try my best to go

Working out the details for BULAKLAK's

I'm hella excited!!
Saving up...
and planning...
and being more excited...


I hope I can meet you guys there.

The dates for sure are August 27~29
and once we make the event page,
you can check every detail!

Let's partyyyy ~

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Love Shopping!!!

I'm uploading some recent buys!
Trying to be summery!
I noticed almost everything is pink...

and pink!

Well why not, I suit pink.

Forgot to rotate it haha, really cool necklace though for rock style!

Light denim shirt, suuuper nice fit!

Love this style of sweater dress~ Its super cute and comfy...

Be Happy and SMILE!

For the denim shirt... brown waistbelt :)

Hella cute dress, I couldnt really show the detail in this
picture... i'll wear it to my moms wedding and show you a
super cute coordinate with it :)

Simple light pink top~

Oversized super comfy and cute top from Skinny Lip

Haha this was the best deal ever only 2.99~~!!!!

This is also the best deal ever! FREE!
Because I work in the converse shoes store :P

Hella cute pink fedora!!

New Betsey Johnson bag. I think last season because
I got it in aldo for half off haha... but its still awesome.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My trip to Tokyo, part 3 March 28~April 6

Last part....
The end is near!!
Even though i've already come back, just writing the
end of my trip makes me feel a bit sad :P

March 28

I had no plans again today so I just tried to call a few of my friends.
Eventually I got a hold of Youko and went
to Shinjuku again to meet her.
Our time was sooo short because she had to leave by 6.30...
was also the last time I saw her in Japan.

We went into some department store and the style
was just a bit too old lady for me,
so we went out and I bought the most delicious crepe
ever hohoho strawberry, chocolate cake and nama cream (whats that??)

By this time it was time her for to go....
so I just went to shibuya again to wander around and
get myself more used to the area so I wouldnt get lost anymore.
There were a lot of people out this day in really cute clothes :)

March 29

I felt so blah this day and decided not to do anything at all....... I had
absolutely no energy or will to go anywhere :P

March 30

I also felt so shitty today! Maybe I was having a cold or something.

Just spent my time watching japanese tv programs and eating
stuff from the konbini~
As I expected, I still havent gotten sick of konbini food... delicious....

March 31

Feeling better and having an actual plan today!
I was to meet my friend Brendan in Yokohama.
It was funny that he went to japan at the same time I did... haha
Well finding the train and the stop to yokohama
was a little bit scary for me because there wasnt english signs....
yikes... luckily I was on the right way
after a little bit of confusion with what green cars were haha

I made it to Yokohama and waited for Brendan in front of Shakeys Pizza
I didnt try it, but its one of the things I want to try
for sure when I go back to Japan~

Had some breakfast in McDonalds (mmm nutritious...)
and walked around the stations area.
(saw a super cute gal in cocolulu... wish I was skinner to pull it off...)

We headed to Chinatown, this was another
place where I was surprised in my whole trip that
there were so many foreigners.
Somehow, I didnt feel like a foreigner because
Vancouver is like a huge chinatown so it was so normal
for me haha~

There were a few really interesting stores but mostly the same old crap you'd find
in any chinatown anywhere in the world :P

One of the best things though were the looks on most peoples face that me
and Brendan were walking around drinking alcohol at noon...
I guessed most people didnt know this was legal?? :)

Afterwards was COSMO WORLD!!!!!!
I loved that place, actually I just loved the giant ferris wheel.
I've only ever been on small ones before.
Took some really funny ass shot purikura after
and stuck one on the purikura board...
we left our mark in yokohama :)

Checked out a few of the landmark buildings, I really liked the boat docking area or
whatever it was, im not sure, but it was really cool

Heading back to yokohama station to eat, we ended up at a ramen shop,
unfortunately we couldnt read japanese and it was kinda like a vending
machine where you get your little colored card to give to the noodle makers.
Wasnt sure what I ordered though it tasted ok :)

Its Karaoke time!
How many times i've sung karaoke in japan... haha
loved how cheap it was.
The place we went to had unlimited beverages... nice!

Somehow I lost my purikura in the one block between
the station and karaoke place so I was super bummed
on my way back to tokyo.....
(but great!! I met brendan again in vancouver a few days ago and he gave me half his)

I think maybe someone picked it up
thinking brendans ass was so pretty~
what do you think? ;)

April 1

omg its april already at this time... time flew so fast.
I went to Shibuya and Harajuku again to find some bow for Shannon~
Though I couldnt find exactly was she was looking for I decided
I'll just walk around trying new snacks :)
Japan had so many interesting things to eat!

April 2

I woke up super late today and spend a while to cook food.
I met up with Ryota's friend Brian in Shibuya around 10pm
Finally, my mission was completed to take a picture with hachiko haha
Brian also came with his friend Jimmy and... I forgot her name... oops :P
We headed to izakaya which was so tasty~
Stayed a few hours and had a lot of fun talking,
headed back to the station.

I had the worst happen though!
I didnt realize that the train will not go all the way to tokyo station
and I was stranded in shinagawa station with no phone to call anyone...
was debating whether to just sleep in the station or take a taxi...
I ended up taking a super expensive taxi................. ouch... my credit card........

April 3,4,5.....
I cant remember what I did because
I didnt write it down.... ooops ;P
I have some pictures but I cant remember from which date hahaha....
so here are some pix!!
I remember I was at hanami and hung out with a random
group of people and we all got hella wasted

one of the guys in the group I hung out with
decided to start drawing graffiti on the vendor tents hahaha

found a drunk guy lol I was also drunk.... haha

cute kitty in shibuya pet store

April 6

My last day..............................................
Wake up, eat, and take the train to narita airport to catch
my flight back to Canada.... was so sad.................
Japan! I'm coming again... wait for me :)

last pic in japan near hachobori station....

As a final thought... I wish I would have had more time to plan my trip, and plan
time with people so I was stuck with days not doing anything most of the days :P
I also didnt have a lot of money, the trip was spur of the moment,
my boyfriend just bought be a ticket to go, so I went!
Thank god Ryota helped me out with some cash and people to hang with
in tokyo!! I think I might have had a bad time if not.

Monday, May 3, 2010

My trip to Tokyo, part 2 March 23~27

I'm really slow at updating, sorry hehe

March 23
I could finally sleep in a bit longer, my sleep schedule was getting back to normal.
Headed to tsukiji fish market for breakfast, tried a lot of samples of food. Some was sooo horrid, but some was sooo tasty~~ Walked through Ginza... totally uninteresting.

Today the plan was to go to Akihabara. I dont know what I was expecting by going there...
nerds? Well, it was true. A lot of nerds, and maids haha.

I couldnt find anything interesting to do so we headed over to the blood donation bank
and morito gave some blood so that we could have free snacks and juice and I just
sat there reading fashion magazines. It was an ok afternoon~ :P

I tried bidet toilet for the first time in my life, lol......
not as strange as I thought it would be.

Went for more purikura and karaoke~ what else to do???

I felt like eating pizza for dinner, finally found a pizza place.
PIZZA HUT. I used to go there a lot in my hometown,
but I was shocked to find out how much pizza costs there... and its so small too.....
But it was incredibly delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 24
Moritos birthday but the weather was so shit and raining.
Went to Tokyo station for a few hours eating samples and junk food,
found a taiyaki place... sooo great~ I love taiyaki, one of my favorite japanese foods.
Went to Ginza again (yawwwn)

and later just bought more and more snacks and cakes haha
I was super piggy in Japan.

March 25
Was also raining a lot on this day.
Couldnt I have any sunny days?! damn....
I was by myself this day... had nothing to do....
watched TV and ate konbini food,
but thats alright because I love TV and konbini food :)

March 26
I tried to go to Shibuya by myself today.
Was my first time to check out 109,
I found a lot of things I wanted but the prices were more than I wanted to pay...
so I just window shopped and people watched.

Tonight was one of the things I looked forward to the most on my trip,
going to my first para event!! @ 9LoveJ
Met Heather, Max, Jasmine, and another boy I forgot his name oops :P
Went for purikura (I looooove purikura~~!)
and headed to the event.

It was so much fun to meet people and dance with them, even though
there was a language barrier, everyone just goes for fun.
It was great! Ended arounf 5am and we went for breakfast~
then found my way back to tokyo station haha....
soo fun night I cant forget~

March 27
I slept just a few hours,
today I had an appointment to meet up with Ryota's friend Patrick and
go to Hanami in Yoyogi Park. He was really kind :)
Also his friends were fun and nice too~
After staying in the park for a while we headed to roppongi and ended up in
"Kingston Bar" which was a small cool reggae place, good time~
Had a drink there and headed back to Shibuya
for dinner at some kind of thai/malaysian
place which was pretty tasty.

During dinner watched the K-1 fight and it was funny
to see some guys fighting style was "anime" wtf... haha

After dinner when to Ebisu to check out a lounge "NOS" which was pretty nice too~
Drink a little there, and go back to Shibuya haha.

Patrick took us to a really nice nice nice bar "Rainbow Country" (?)
I loved that place the most, it was small, cozy, chill, relaxed, friendly....
great time! A lot of the people knew my friend in Vancouver
which was funny I was surprised :D

The owner of the bar did a sanshin performance too~
that was great, never heard something like that before!

By the end of the night it was like 4.30 am so obviously the train wasnt running...
but Patrick let us all crash at his place.
I'm always happy to meet nice people :)