Monday, May 3, 2010

My trip to Tokyo, part 2 March 23~27

I'm really slow at updating, sorry hehe

March 23
I could finally sleep in a bit longer, my sleep schedule was getting back to normal.
Headed to tsukiji fish market for breakfast, tried a lot of samples of food. Some was sooo horrid, but some was sooo tasty~~ Walked through Ginza... totally uninteresting.

Today the plan was to go to Akihabara. I dont know what I was expecting by going there...
nerds? Well, it was true. A lot of nerds, and maids haha.

I couldnt find anything interesting to do so we headed over to the blood donation bank
and morito gave some blood so that we could have free snacks and juice and I just
sat there reading fashion magazines. It was an ok afternoon~ :P

I tried bidet toilet for the first time in my life, lol......
not as strange as I thought it would be.

Went for more purikura and karaoke~ what else to do???

I felt like eating pizza for dinner, finally found a pizza place.
PIZZA HUT. I used to go there a lot in my hometown,
but I was shocked to find out how much pizza costs there... and its so small too.....
But it was incredibly delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 24
Moritos birthday but the weather was so shit and raining.
Went to Tokyo station for a few hours eating samples and junk food,
found a taiyaki place... sooo great~ I love taiyaki, one of my favorite japanese foods.
Went to Ginza again (yawwwn)

and later just bought more and more snacks and cakes haha
I was super piggy in Japan.

March 25
Was also raining a lot on this day.
Couldnt I have any sunny days?! damn....
I was by myself this day... had nothing to do....
watched TV and ate konbini food,
but thats alright because I love TV and konbini food :)

March 26
I tried to go to Shibuya by myself today.
Was my first time to check out 109,
I found a lot of things I wanted but the prices were more than I wanted to pay...
so I just window shopped and people watched.

Tonight was one of the things I looked forward to the most on my trip,
going to my first para event!! @ 9LoveJ
Met Heather, Max, Jasmine, and another boy I forgot his name oops :P
Went for purikura (I looooove purikura~~!)
and headed to the event.

It was so much fun to meet people and dance with them, even though
there was a language barrier, everyone just goes for fun.
It was great! Ended arounf 5am and we went for breakfast~
then found my way back to tokyo station haha....
soo fun night I cant forget~

March 27
I slept just a few hours,
today I had an appointment to meet up with Ryota's friend Patrick and
go to Hanami in Yoyogi Park. He was really kind :)
Also his friends were fun and nice too~
After staying in the park for a while we headed to roppongi and ended up in
"Kingston Bar" which was a small cool reggae place, good time~
Had a drink there and headed back to Shibuya
for dinner at some kind of thai/malaysian
place which was pretty tasty.

During dinner watched the K-1 fight and it was funny
to see some guys fighting style was "anime" wtf... haha

After dinner when to Ebisu to check out a lounge "NOS" which was pretty nice too~
Drink a little there, and go back to Shibuya haha.

Patrick took us to a really nice nice nice bar "Rainbow Country" (?)
I loved that place the most, it was small, cozy, chill, relaxed, friendly....
great time! A lot of the people knew my friend in Vancouver
which was funny I was surprised :D

The owner of the bar did a sanshin performance too~
that was great, never heard something like that before!

By the end of the night it was like 4.30 am so obviously the train wasnt running...
but Patrick let us all crash at his place.
I'm always happy to meet nice people :)


Rii said...

Wow that pizza looks really SO delicious! I'm getting hungry when I see this pic! :D
Looks like you had fun ;) I also want to go to a Para event!!

bones said...

mini sausages on a pizza....omg!
it seems as though everyone meets up with max in tokyo....he should start up his own tours!!

Lili said...

Aww shame I'm on a diet, that pizza looks so Yummy! And you look so cute in that outfit. ˆ-ˆ
(by the way, get your blog from Universal-Doll, I saw you on Everyday Gyaru) :3

Shmuberry said...

wow that pizza O.O I think I just gained a few pounds just looking at it~ but it looks so yummy~

I can't wait to read the rest~