Sunday, April 18, 2010

My trip to Tokyo, part 1 March 18~22

As some of you know,
I went on a trip to Tokyo in March for 20days.
It was my first time, and it was amazing!!

I kept a tiny notebook to track what I did each day,
so im writing this day by day :)

March 18th
I stayed up all night and watched Disney movies with my friend,
he was goingto drive me to the airport in the early morning,
so he decided to stay up as well.

At the airport, we had kind of a burping contest,
so I could laugh a lot, but I was hella exhausted.
The flight from Vancouver to Seattle was delayed :S

And the flight from Seattle to Tokyo felt like an eternity
because I was sooo tired,
and I couldn't sleep because of the stupid kids on the plane...... grr

March 19th
Arrived in Tokyo in the afternoon, and took the train to
hachobori station where I was staying during my trip.
I ate dinner, and fell asleep soooo fast and for so long too
so I basically wasted this whole day haha

March 20
Of course, knowing me, my first stop was Shibuya!
Ate lunch at a place called Casa del Bueno...

my first outside food in Japan,
it was pretty cheap and pretty tasty.

The waitress was also so funny and nice.
Walked to Harajuku after for some shopping.

I didn't really find any shops I was interested in but also
because I didnt know where I should go.
That place definitely needs time for exploring more.
I found some cute accessories though~

Went back to Shibuya for yakiniku and karaoke~

Also, this day I was so tired... so it was a good sleep again.

March 21
I met up with Youko today
(Youko used to be my roommate in Vancouver)

I was so happy, I missed her soooooooo much!!!!
It was my first time trying to go somewhere by myself,
but luckily I could figure it out~

First we went to the Shinjuku government building
for the sightseeing of Tokyo, and I could make a really cute
keychain of myself (which I already lost lol)

She took me to Shinjuku where we went shopping in Alta.
I got 2 really cute sweaters and a really REALLY cute and cheap dress!!!
Surprised I could fit M size because I always
heard about the sizes being so different...
well im sure if they were more fitted I might need L :P

Went for purikura after and off to Kabukicho...
thinking we might get the chance to see Dragon.

Dragon also used to be my roommate in Vancouver,
and he's working as a host in Kabukicho as far as we know,
last heard from him last august...

We couldnt find him, and there were a lot of hosts trying
soooo hard to get us to come over to their clubs.
Its kind of a pathetic when you think about it.
Most of them I told "Ask me in english, maybe I'll come"
but haha... most couldnt even understand that.

Headed back to the station after to find my way home.

March 22
I went to Asakusa with Morito to check out the big temple,
but,..... it was under renovation and covered with a tarp lol!
Nice timing.... hahahaha

I made a wish inside but then I had a super bad
fortune from the omikuji :(
Decided to go for some takoyaki and fed leftovers to pigeons :)
I was surprised I always heard Asakusa was a traditional area,
but I found so many game centers and department stores,
just like any other area haha.

I did see a live re-enactment of Kamen Rider lol... weird.


Ami said...

wow so jealous!! It looked so busy in the last photo!

Hachi said...

Haha I was just wondering the other day where you've been, since I haven't seen any blog posts from you recently...welcome back!

Looks like you had a great time! I miss Japan, I wanna go back~

chung said...

I love reading travel logs like this <3 Great post and you look amazing :D

Cale said...

I like your post in everyday_gyaru!
I follow your blog now! :D

☆shawna☆ said...

In the next few days I'll post Part 2~ wait for it ;)

Rii said...

Aw Shawna, nice to see u again :3
Have fun in Tokyo! It looks so great over there! :3 I'm lloking forward to more posts :)

Amelie said...

I'm really surprised to see Asakusa is still having work done to the gate and temple! I havent been there since xmas 2008 and they were still doing it then o.o! But you look so cute in your photos and like you were having alot of fun ^_^!!