Thursday, February 25, 2010

I love sunny days!

Hey everyone! How are you doing. I'm surprised I have 7 followers already.
I'll keep up with you guys, and posting on my new blog.
Im still having troubles making a nice layout.... *sigh*

Tried a quick simple hairstyle, its cute :)

Another new pair of shorts.
I'm going for some travel soon, so I wanted to
be prepared with cute things to wear!

I got a new pair of shoes too!
I wanna try out some cocolulu inspired amekaji looks
for the summer。。。。 I figure these shoes are a good start.
I got them for free too!! Happy happy~☆
At work, for the olympics, VANS wanted us to wear vans...
sooo this is the pair I chose. I love it! So comfortable, like heaven on my feet~

Today was sunny, I was happy, because it was my only day off.
I went for a walk and went down a sort of cherry blossom street.
But my cellcam is not great.. hm.

People on robson street downtown.
I sat on the curb drinking ice cappucino... and listening to this man play the violin.
He's pretty good, if you've ever ever been dt will know him.
He inspires me to practice my violin...
(though I never improve.. im so bad)

Was going to the corner grocery store... went down a cherry blossom street :)
The one outside my apartment already losing all its blossoms...
its crazy because its still feb!!

Friday, February 19, 2010


what is it haha....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I went into Butterflies today, its a tanning/extensions/wig place.

Me and Jinny asked them about 7pc hair extensions, they were on sale for $160
I'm not sure if thats alot or not for extensions, but I hear its a lot more in salons.
I think its pretty good for human hair, though they were only 18" and I want longer.
I'll wait a bit until I grow my hair a bit more and color it to get some, or I find a cheaper place.

Jinny tried some on and it looked really really good! Instant length and volume.
I looked at some of the blonde colors and I reaaaalllly want to bleach my hair now.

I have ansolutely NO money though. I have $13 to live on until the end of the month.....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another new clothes :)

I couldnt help myself.
Sometimes you find such a perfect piece of clothing which completes different outfits.
I got some denim shorts from Stitches.
They have some really nice styles for pretty cheap right now!
And imagine when summer sales come and they are on discount... stock up! hehe

It has some cool detailing :) a little distress here, a little wash out there, studs on the back...
super cute!!

There was another pair I wanted to get which had paint splatter effect... but maybe
when I get paid at the end of the month^^

Monday, February 8, 2010

A new blog?

I'm testing out blogspot!
Here are some recent buys!!

Really cute checker shorts which I love sooo much and they fit nice !! :D

And a super cute skirt from H&M

Charcoal mini dress,
very basic but a good piece :)

Cute white camisole top~
A bit see thru, but I'll manage :P

Pink sequined top/dress
I love this one so much!!

I'm happy with these buys, I'll be good until spring fully hits!
I'm just waiting for SUMMER!!
Come soon!!!