Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Nails!!

I went back to Lady Orchid's to get my nails done on monday!
Maybe some of you remember the post I did for them
when I got a facial~ This time I went to get my first nail set!

I usually paint my own nails and add my own parts
because it saves me money, but I finally decided to
try my first real set. I was gonna do gel but wanted
extension so did Acrylics (which will cost more)

I went in thinking I wanted to do some kind of
purple leopard print but ended up to zebra instead!!
I super love them!!

The nailist is a Japanese girl named Kaoko,
She was super nice too and professional~
She's been doing nails for about 8 years

If you're in Vancouver/area check
out the spa and get your nails done!!
Its a fun atmosphere too cuz all the staff
are awesome n friendly★
Lady Orchid's Rejuvenating Day Spa

getting the extensionsss


Kaoko's nails were sooo long!

Getting the roses made! They got kinda smooshed under
the topcoat though, but still looks fine :)

Danielle (general manager of spa) sittin beside me
checkin out Kaoko's super pro work haha

Finished and super happy with the result!

a view to see the thumb

Yeayyyy!!! I'm so happy about my first acrylic nails!!
It's totally like MA*RS style!!! :P sexyyyy

You can check out more pictures in the gallery
on facebook with other designs she has made!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hair I like!

Hairstyles I looooove!!
I must get extensions (not clip in)
so I can do all these hairstyles I love!!
I'm not the hugest fan of the typical curled fabulous hair
you think of when most western gals think about gal style...
I like more of a little funky and up-do styles or super straight~!

Some people give me shit for saying im gal
but I don't do the typical curled hair so whatever
I'm not gonna try to please anyone but myself :)
But for an understanding of the styles I love
check out this collage of hair I want to do all
the time once I get real extensions!!


Friday, March 18, 2011

Another old post... Alberta trip!

Just uploaded some more photo's,
these ones are from last July!
My mom got married so we took
a trip to Alberta for a few days~

It was a pretty good time- but
after a few days, was pretty boring!
Alberta really isn't any fun....
I'm so glad I moved away!
We just did tourist stuff the whole
time so thats how we could pass our
time, until we finished being tourists....

So here are some pictures!!!
(click for larger photos)

West Edmonton Mall

Trip to Drumheller + Dinosaur Museum

At a farm
Ryota and Lucas never been on a farm
in their life so my moms friend took
us to one~ The puppies were sooo cute!

so many mosquito... I was eaten alive in this week...


Mom's wedding
I didn't get many pix on this camera
and nobody who went has FB so just 2 pix haha!
They rolled in on Harley's haha!! You
can totally tell from their outfits hahaha!

Getting ready... putting on eyelashes~

Mom and Step-dad

Monday, March 14, 2011

1 month late! Valentine's party photos!

Love my ALIFE hat!!!

FINALLY we bought an XD card reader
so I can upload photos!!! yeaaaaaayy~~

So! Pictures from the ♥valentine's party
I went to on feb. 13th! Hella fun night~

So the idea of the event was a japanese
RnB, Hip Hop night I guess, with some
musical perfomances and amazing DJ's!
Was at 'The Helm' in downtown Vancouver.



With Eri!

With Jay Kin !

With Ryota!

With DJ Misaki!

People dancing~

Time for home party!!

Yessss it was like 2am and we start to cook takoyaki!
Kei-kun, Taka, Misaki, Ben, me, Haruka~

Getting strange with Taka...

With Ben and Haruka

Yes really getting strange!! hahaha we did a whole ballet
performance dressed like this lol.......

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sunhat trend

I'm gonna hate this trend unless I can find a cute one!!

So for spring/summer, big sunhats are supposed to be trending.
Good thing for you gals who hide your skin from the sun~
Bad thing for you gals who want a nice tan~

Either way its been reported in a few occasions already.
(fashion blogs, western gal blogs, and tv that i've seen so far)
Sunhats also come in a large variety of styles... like floppy, fedora mix,
crushable fabric, etc so it won't be hard to find one you like im sure★

So let's see if we can find some cute sunhats shall we??
I'm biased towards big straw ones!

Click the image in increase the size!

I tried to choose sunhats available in
Canada, USA, and Japan.

This collage of hats is just to give you guys
an idea where you can get your own.

The cool thing about these straw sunhats too
is that you can totally customize them
yourself. You can add your own ribbons,
flowers, and other decorations quite easily :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Brand spotlight: DRWCYS

Maybe you guys haven't come across this brand before!?


I love love looove the looks they presented on stage
for Tokyo Girls Collection Spring/Summer 2011....

I checked out the webshop, but was a bit dissapointed!
The style on site compared to on stage was distorted, but
I'll keep this brand in mind to check out!

This look from A/W2010 is amazing

This is pretty cute! From their current looks available

How rocker chic can this be :D

I love the see thru-ness of this piece!
I would definitely wear this a lot if I owned it!

Unique zebra print one piece.
Works well with spring animal prints,
especially because of the not so bold print/color!