Sunday, February 6, 2011

First facial at Lady Orchid's Rejuvenating Day Spa!


Hi everyone~!

Last thursday, I got my first facial ever!
I always thought 'whats the point?'...
but after trying it, I want to go again and again!!
Super relaxing!

I got it at Lady Orchid's Rejuvenating Day Spa☆

As I mentioned, its my first time getting a facial.
It's also my first time ever to use spa services.
For my first spa visit, I really liked it.
The girls were super nice♥♥♥

Sorry!!! No Happy Ending!!!! hahahaha

I forget the name of the girl who did my facial,
but she was really great to talk to~
The facial took about 1 and a half hours,
and there was always something to talk about
with her~ Funny jokes too :)

I didn't get any before or after photos, as you know
my phone is very low quality for the camera T_T

My facial was called ~Glee-Ming Dynasty~
From website:
"If an alabaster complexion is what you are after,
then look no further! Our treatment highly refines
& boosts cell metabolism for a whiter complexion,
utilizing fruits, peeling, & plant placenta for a golden revealing."

I thought it was good because my face is
a bit darker than my neck, so the whitening
helps to match the color a little more :)

The girl used a milk cream cleanser, then a France Laure
pineapple and papaya exfoliant~ She also did some extractions
(ew it was sooo gross!! How this stuff can come out of my face!!!)
also a fruit extract toner~ She also applied something
called Evolv Gel which helps to reduce redness and refresh the skin~

I tried the UP5 treatment too though I think I didn't need it,
it might be helpful for older ladies with sagging skin or
concerns about their skin~ Anyways, the UP5 treatment
is helpful beacause.... from website:
"Promote collagen, firming, and lifting of the epidermis
with our state-of-the art Up5 machine as it restores a
youthful glow and vitality, feeding your skin nutrients
through our cellular repairing deluxe facial, complete
with European massage techniques to revitalize tired-looking skin."

But it was a really cool and fun experience because the
machine they used uses light and sound technology,
and I mentioned to the girl that it reminds me of alien
technology and the sounds were like evil laughing hahahaha☆

At the very end, she used a Dibi 'return to innocence' moisturizer :)
During the facial she also treated me to hand and scalp massage☆

As a side note, they also do WAVE machine workouts
and they also have a japanese nail artist! Her work
is quite cute!! (sorry for the blurry photos!)

Danielle's (general manager's) nails

Nail table~ Magazine is Nail Venus!

Some of the nail art the nailist has done~

They do makeup artistry too~

Thank you to the girls at Lady Orchid's Rejuvenating Day Spa!!!
I felt super great that day and very refreshed~
I had baby skin after and felt so happy about that~

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