Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bulaklak Spring Meets + recruiting!

Just letting everyone know the first details for
Bulaklak's spring meet 'Mini Apple Mini Soda' are up!
(kudos to you, if you get that!)
Minneapolis, Minnesota
May 20-21

Check out
for the details!

I'll be there for sure if I can find a job! haha! wish me luck!!♥

We're also planning for a smaller meet
in Minneapolis, during Anime Detour 2011
April 1-3rd. Specifically, BT will be hosting
a party room for the event, everyone is welcome
to attend! I won't be able to make that one,
but why not go meet some fellow gals/gal-o if you're
in the area! Will be fun i'm sure!!!♥
we're also looking for a few new members!
If you've got great experience with gal style,
please don't hesitate to apply if you're in
or around the following areas!!!

MississippiMinnesotaArkansasNew York

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