Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A little rant, not much :)

~drunken random picture just for fun~

I think i've posted something along the lines of this before
in another entry, but I think it deserves its own.

This is what im noticing with gal style, but I'm sure it
goes for many other styles. What im soooo tired of seeing
when people post their pictures is that they make 1 million
excuses a to why they can't change any certain aspect of their style
which if they did change, will improve their look.

I especially hate it when they mention that someone else won't
let them change anything or try something new.
"my mom won't let me!"
"my gf/bf doesn't want me to"
"i'm not allowed"

and please, never, EVER say "i'm too lazy"
because that is soooo not what styling yourself is about!

Do not let other people control your style.

So what if your mom won't let you wear false lashes?
Is she your master? No

So what if your girlfriend likes black hair?
Are you pussy whipped? Maybe. But change that.

So what if your mom calls you a hooker for the way you dress?
Mine did.

Be yourself.
Unless yourself is someone who is controlled easily by others.
Then you don't really have a spirit and passion for the style,
in which case, maybe you should quit.

Be yourself.
Try your best.

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