Thursday, September 22, 2011

♥♥Birthday + Purikura♥♥

Hey hey ladies and gents!!

My birthday was on september 16th!
I had a very very fun and awesome weekend!


2~6 work (special project!)

7.30 had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants,
East is East on W. Broadway! So amazing!!
We went upstairs into the chai lounge where they
had live flamenco and spanish guitar, $25 all you can
eat of some very amazing afghan and east indian food!
The atmosphere was so great! And with awesome friends!
Forgot to take pictures, but thats ok!

11 headed to the club with my friends and roomies!
Usually on friday nights I go to a place called
Organix, which is a psytrance night at Club 23 West
It's pretty fun! But gonna give it a rest for a while
cuz I've been going every week for a year... lol
headed to home around 4am and me and some
friends started watching Fantasia and after that,
Treasure Island. Around 8.30am everyone is falling
asleep but since I had to work at 10am I just
did my makeup and went to work!


After work I came home, had a nap until 4pm
and Katrina came over and we headed to Richmond
to do some shopping and purikura and eat!
So I'm posting the purikura!!
We ate at Guu in Aberdeen, my first time there.
Not bad but I prefer Guu Otokomae in Gastown~!

Headed home and then slept!
Had so much fun for my birthday
so thanks to everyone who celebrated with me!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Tokyo Girls Collection A/W 2011

Earlier this month was the autumn winter edition
of Tokyo Girls Collection. Unfortunately I couldn't
catch the live stream like I did in Spring/Summer
but pictures are just as good :)

Actually, i'm not very impressed with the trends and
looks coming out for fall and winter this year!
Nothing jumps out at me, and I don't enjoy
too much the colors and styles being promoted.

Some of the key trends I noticed are...
(but not limited too)

* Colored tights. This, actually, I like. Because no matter
which color, it has ability to really make an outfit pop.
Now the hard part is choosing a nice outfit!

* Pleated skirt. Potential for being cute, but with color
and fabric choice i'm seeing in the show and magazines... disaster.

* Retro print/cut... burn it....... except polka dots. Nice :)

* blouse and skirt which are draped loosely. Could be cute,
on the right person. Blouse tucked into high waisted
shorts/skirts seems to be the thing,but not for me!

* Colors include blue, mustard yellow, red, beige,
burgundy, navy, green. Retro color mixed with bold color.
(tried to pick the color with blogger colors as best I could lol)

* Star print. Cuuuuute :) Love it ☆!

* Man-ish elements seem to be in too, but
im not feeling that either. Never am :P

*Crochet top, poncho

* USUAL TRENDS: plaid, leopard, fur

There were however a few outfits and styles I
thought were not too bad that I would like to show you.
These are just my taste out of what was shown :)

Vence Exchange. Man-ish style :)

Vence Exchange. Plaid, red/green, damage denim

One Spo. Can always count on for cute fluffy and furry

Double Focus. Stars! Cute. Fur legwarmers again,
but I don't think as big as last year.

Cecil McBee. This coordinate is sooo nice.
Structured bags are trending too but I think
they are very old lady-ish, especially in the
"trend colors" for A/W

Saturday, September 10, 2011


This video has millions of views,
I feel im late to see it, but I thought
it was sooooooo crazy so I just wanted
to post it here for you guys to see too!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Diet advice????

Hey everyone :)
I'm asking for your diet advice!

I've been keeping a sort of weight and measure journal
from last september, I lost a fair bit of weight, 23lb/10kg
I feel though its not really noticeable, because my proportions
are still strange. My body type is huge boob/huge legs(calves) T_T

So my question is mostly about my calves if any of you have
some advice for me! While I lost 4" from my thigh, I lost 0"
from my calves. They are monstrous and I totally hate them.

What I do now: stretching, walking

I heard endurance running helps to lengthen the muscle
and make it appear slimmer?? Anybody can vouch for that personally?

Friday, September 2, 2011

☆Cute things☆

I went to nightmarket recently and bought
a really cute fluffy phone dangly and some
funny and strange socks haha... I love nightmarket!!

Too bad I waited until it was pretty much finished
to go... I would love to go again and find some more~
And eating the super delicious fooooood!

The white matches so well with my phone!