Monday, September 12, 2011

Tokyo Girls Collection A/W 2011

Earlier this month was the autumn winter edition
of Tokyo Girls Collection. Unfortunately I couldn't
catch the live stream like I did in Spring/Summer
but pictures are just as good :)

Actually, i'm not very impressed with the trends and
looks coming out for fall and winter this year!
Nothing jumps out at me, and I don't enjoy
too much the colors and styles being promoted.

Some of the key trends I noticed are...
(but not limited too)

* Colored tights. This, actually, I like. Because no matter
which color, it has ability to really make an outfit pop.
Now the hard part is choosing a nice outfit!

* Pleated skirt. Potential for being cute, but with color
and fabric choice i'm seeing in the show and magazines... disaster.

* Retro print/cut... burn it....... except polka dots. Nice :)

* blouse and skirt which are draped loosely. Could be cute,
on the right person. Blouse tucked into high waisted
shorts/skirts seems to be the thing,but not for me!

* Colors include blue, mustard yellow, red, beige,
burgundy, navy, green. Retro color mixed with bold color.
(tried to pick the color with blogger colors as best I could lol)

* Star print. Cuuuuute :) Love it ☆!

* Man-ish elements seem to be in too, but
im not feeling that either. Never am :P

*Crochet top, poncho

* USUAL TRENDS: plaid, leopard, fur

There were however a few outfits and styles I
thought were not too bad that I would like to show you.
These are just my taste out of what was shown :)

Vence Exchange. Man-ish style :)

Vence Exchange. Plaid, red/green, damage denim

One Spo. Can always count on for cute fluffy and furry

Double Focus. Stars! Cute. Fur legwarmers again,
but I don't think as big as last year.

Cecil McBee. This coordinate is sooo nice.
Structured bags are trending too but I think
they are very old lady-ish, especially in the
"trend colors" for A/W

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