Thursday, September 22, 2011

♥♥Birthday + Purikura♥♥

Hey hey ladies and gents!!

My birthday was on september 16th!
I had a very very fun and awesome weekend!


2~6 work (special project!)

7.30 had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants,
East is East on W. Broadway! So amazing!!
We went upstairs into the chai lounge where they
had live flamenco and spanish guitar, $25 all you can
eat of some very amazing afghan and east indian food!
The atmosphere was so great! And with awesome friends!
Forgot to take pictures, but thats ok!

11 headed to the club with my friends and roomies!
Usually on friday nights I go to a place called
Organix, which is a psytrance night at Club 23 West
It's pretty fun! But gonna give it a rest for a while
cuz I've been going every week for a year... lol
headed to home around 4am and me and some
friends started watching Fantasia and after that,
Treasure Island. Around 8.30am everyone is falling
asleep but since I had to work at 10am I just
did my makeup and went to work!


After work I came home, had a nap until 4pm
and Katrina came over and we headed to Richmond
to do some shopping and purikura and eat!
So I'm posting the purikura!!
We ate at Guu in Aberdeen, my first time there.
Not bad but I prefer Guu Otokomae in Gastown~!

Headed home and then slept!
Had so much fun for my birthday
so thanks to everyone who celebrated with me!!

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