Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ranzuki is scary!

This is one of the scariest make shots ever!

Way to look like a 40 year old lady
with too much bad makeup.

That is all.

Monday, February 21, 2011

SAKE☆SUNDAY - Hapa Izakaya

very casual look

SAKE☆SUNDAY, the 2nd annual sake sunday event
at Hapa Izakaya (kitsilano) was on last sunday night!

Saw some new friends, and old friends, so it was good~
In the fine company of Taka (hapa staff),
DJ's TwinCle Marin, TwinCle Misaki, and DJ Hayze
(or rather, Marie, Misaki, and Ben :P)
of course, with my family Ryota and Lucas,
my buddy Mike and crazy ol' Spandy Andy who
I actually don't know but see him all the time.

Ben, Marie, Misaki

As per usual, didn't take my own photos.
But I'm sure Mike doesn't mind I show a few :)

$15 cover got us a free drink and unlimited appetizers :)

9pm was music show start!
2 guys (classic guitar, drum) which was ok, then,
1 brother and 1 sister singing a couple songs... then,
3 girls playing keyboard,guitar, singing some songs...
that part was so boring though, each song those girls
sang was the same slow beat as the last they played.

my bros!

after that, a small DJ set while they cleared the floor
of instruments and then the dancing began.
At first it was the Hapa staff doing hip hop dance,
but after the most comedic dancer in Vancouver
come to the floor! Spandy Andy! I see him everywhere!
That was a lot of fun! Very entertaining.

After the dancing, some crazy dancing happening
on the dance floor and then shortly after we had
to leave and put Lucas to bed~

It was a fun night!
Pretty packed too, we couldn't get
a table at all, or a seat for 90% of the night T_T

Now I still need to get a cord to get pics off my cam
from valentines event -_-

P.S. Thanks mike if you ever see this post,
I like taking your pictures ♥

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm alive, I swear☆

Hey! Haven't been updating for a while, sorry.
I've been going out a lot and ....not having a working
camera kinda defeats the purpose of my opinion~
But good news! My friend gave me her camera charger
so now mine works a bit. (it's still fucked tho-hate broken technology)
I can also use my friends camera, but we don't have any cords to
hook it up to my computer. SD card doesn't fit either, oops :P

We're gonna try to find a cord so that at least I can
upload pictures from Feb.13th Valentines Party!

Sneak Peak! Obvious where I am haha,
It looks like i'm glowing wtf

cuz im an angel ;)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

First facial at Lady Orchid's Rejuvenating Day Spa!


Hi everyone~!

Last thursday, I got my first facial ever!
I always thought 'whats the point?'...
but after trying it, I want to go again and again!!
Super relaxing!

I got it at Lady Orchid's Rejuvenating Day Spa☆

As I mentioned, its my first time getting a facial.
It's also my first time ever to use spa services.
For my first spa visit, I really liked it.
The girls were super nice♥♥♥

Sorry!!! No Happy Ending!!!! hahahaha

I forget the name of the girl who did my facial,
but she was really great to talk to~
The facial took about 1 and a half hours,
and there was always something to talk about
with her~ Funny jokes too :)

I didn't get any before or after photos, as you know
my phone is very low quality for the camera T_T

My facial was called ~Glee-Ming Dynasty~
From website:
"If an alabaster complexion is what you are after,
then look no further! Our treatment highly refines
& boosts cell metabolism for a whiter complexion,
utilizing fruits, peeling, & plant placenta for a golden revealing."

I thought it was good because my face is
a bit darker than my neck, so the whitening
helps to match the color a little more :)

The girl used a milk cream cleanser, then a France Laure
pineapple and papaya exfoliant~ She also did some extractions
(ew it was sooo gross!! How this stuff can come out of my face!!!)
also a fruit extract toner~ She also applied something
called Evolv Gel which helps to reduce redness and refresh the skin~

I tried the UP5 treatment too though I think I didn't need it,
it might be helpful for older ladies with sagging skin or
concerns about their skin~ Anyways, the UP5 treatment
is helpful beacause.... from website:
"Promote collagen, firming, and lifting of the epidermis
with our state-of-the art Up5 machine as it restores a
youthful glow and vitality, feeding your skin nutrients
through our cellular repairing deluxe facial, complete
with European massage techniques to revitalize tired-looking skin."

But it was a really cool and fun experience because the
machine they used uses light and sound technology,
and I mentioned to the girl that it reminds me of alien
technology and the sounds were like evil laughing hahahaha☆

At the very end, she used a Dibi 'return to innocence' moisturizer :)
During the facial she also treated me to hand and scalp massage☆

As a side note, they also do WAVE machine workouts
and they also have a japanese nail artist! Her work
is quite cute!! (sorry for the blurry photos!)

Danielle's (general manager's) nails

Nail table~ Magazine is Nail Venus!

Some of the nail art the nailist has done~

They do makeup artistry too~

Thank you to the girls at Lady Orchid's Rejuvenating Day Spa!!!
I felt super great that day and very refreshed~
I had baby skin after and felt so happy about that~

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bulaklak Spring Meets + recruiting!

Just letting everyone know the first details for
Bulaklak's spring meet 'Mini Apple Mini Soda' are up!
(kudos to you, if you get that!)
Minneapolis, Minnesota
May 20-21

Check out
for the details!

I'll be there for sure if I can find a job! haha! wish me luck!!♥

We're also planning for a smaller meet
in Minneapolis, during Anime Detour 2011
April 1-3rd. Specifically, BT will be hosting
a party room for the event, everyone is welcome
to attend! I won't be able to make that one,
but why not go meet some fellow gals/gal-o if you're
in the area! Will be fun i'm sure!!!♥
we're also looking for a few new members!
If you've got great experience with gal style,
please don't hesitate to apply if you're in
or around the following areas!!!

MississippiMinnesotaArkansasNew York

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A little rant, not much :)

~drunken random picture just for fun~

I think i've posted something along the lines of this before
in another entry, but I think it deserves its own.

This is what im noticing with gal style, but I'm sure it
goes for many other styles. What im soooo tired of seeing
when people post their pictures is that they make 1 million
excuses a to why they can't change any certain aspect of their style
which if they did change, will improve their look.

I especially hate it when they mention that someone else won't
let them change anything or try something new.
"my mom won't let me!"
"my gf/bf doesn't want me to"
"i'm not allowed"

and please, never, EVER say "i'm too lazy"
because that is soooo not what styling yourself is about!

Do not let other people control your style.

So what if your mom won't let you wear false lashes?
Is she your master? No

So what if your girlfriend likes black hair?
Are you pussy whipped? Maybe. But change that.

So what if your mom calls you a hooker for the way you dress?
Mine did.

Be yourself.
Unless yourself is someone who is controlled easily by others.
Then you don't really have a spirit and passion for the style,
in which case, maybe you should quit.

Be yourself.
Try your best.