Monday, February 21, 2011

SAKE☆SUNDAY - Hapa Izakaya

very casual look

SAKE☆SUNDAY, the 2nd annual sake sunday event
at Hapa Izakaya (kitsilano) was on last sunday night!

Saw some new friends, and old friends, so it was good~
In the fine company of Taka (hapa staff),
DJ's TwinCle Marin, TwinCle Misaki, and DJ Hayze
(or rather, Marie, Misaki, and Ben :P)
of course, with my family Ryota and Lucas,
my buddy Mike and crazy ol' Spandy Andy who
I actually don't know but see him all the time.

Ben, Marie, Misaki

As per usual, didn't take my own photos.
But I'm sure Mike doesn't mind I show a few :)

$15 cover got us a free drink and unlimited appetizers :)

9pm was music show start!
2 guys (classic guitar, drum) which was ok, then,
1 brother and 1 sister singing a couple songs... then,
3 girls playing keyboard,guitar, singing some songs...
that part was so boring though, each song those girls
sang was the same slow beat as the last they played.

my bros!

after that, a small DJ set while they cleared the floor
of instruments and then the dancing began.
At first it was the Hapa staff doing hip hop dance,
but after the most comedic dancer in Vancouver
come to the floor! Spandy Andy! I see him everywhere!
That was a lot of fun! Very entertaining.

After the dancing, some crazy dancing happening
on the dance floor and then shortly after we had
to leave and put Lucas to bed~

It was a fun night!
Pretty packed too, we couldn't get
a table at all, or a seat for 90% of the night T_T

Now I still need to get a cord to get pics off my cam
from valentines event -_-

P.S. Thanks mike if you ever see this post,
I like taking your pictures ♥

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