Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Nails!!

I went back to Lady Orchid's to get my nails done on monday!
Maybe some of you remember the post I did for them
when I got a facial~ This time I went to get my first nail set!

I usually paint my own nails and add my own parts
because it saves me money, but I finally decided to
try my first real set. I was gonna do gel but wanted
extension so did Acrylics (which will cost more)

I went in thinking I wanted to do some kind of
purple leopard print but ended up to zebra instead!!
I super love them!!

The nailist is a Japanese girl named Kaoko,
She was super nice too and professional~
She's been doing nails for about 8 years

If you're in Vancouver/area check
out the spa and get your nails done!!
Its a fun atmosphere too cuz all the staff
are awesome n friendly★
Lady Orchid's Rejuvenating Day Spa

getting the extensionsss


Kaoko's nails were sooo long!

Getting the roses made! They got kinda smooshed under
the topcoat though, but still looks fine :)

Danielle (general manager of spa) sittin beside me
checkin out Kaoko's super pro work haha

Finished and super happy with the result!

a view to see the thumb

Yeayyyy!!! I'm so happy about my first acrylic nails!!
It's totally like MA*RS style!!! :P sexyyyy

You can check out more pictures in the gallery
on facebook with other designs she has made!

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