Monday, March 14, 2011

1 month late! Valentine's party photos!

Love my ALIFE hat!!!

FINALLY we bought an XD card reader
so I can upload photos!!! yeaaaaaayy~~

So! Pictures from the ♥valentine's party
I went to on feb. 13th! Hella fun night~

So the idea of the event was a japanese
RnB, Hip Hop night I guess, with some
musical perfomances and amazing DJ's!
Was at 'The Helm' in downtown Vancouver.



With Eri!

With Jay Kin !

With Ryota!

With DJ Misaki!

People dancing~

Time for home party!!

Yessss it was like 2am and we start to cook takoyaki!
Kei-kun, Taka, Misaki, Ben, me, Haruka~

Getting strange with Taka...

With Ben and Haruka

Yes really getting strange!! hahaha we did a whole ballet
performance dressed like this lol.......

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