Friday, March 18, 2011

Another old post... Alberta trip!

Just uploaded some more photo's,
these ones are from last July!
My mom got married so we took
a trip to Alberta for a few days~

It was a pretty good time- but
after a few days, was pretty boring!
Alberta really isn't any fun....
I'm so glad I moved away!
We just did tourist stuff the whole
time so thats how we could pass our
time, until we finished being tourists....

So here are some pictures!!!
(click for larger photos)

West Edmonton Mall

Trip to Drumheller + Dinosaur Museum

At a farm
Ryota and Lucas never been on a farm
in their life so my moms friend took
us to one~ The puppies were sooo cute!

so many mosquito... I was eaten alive in this week...


Mom's wedding
I didn't get many pix on this camera
and nobody who went has FB so just 2 pix haha!
They rolled in on Harley's haha!! You
can totally tell from their outfits hahaha!

Getting ready... putting on eyelashes~

Mom and Step-dad

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