Wednesday, September 29, 2010

CNN international - Shibuya/Gyaru article

I thought this was an interesting read, but
Gyaru > Guido
There's just so much more to it so I don't really like the comparison.
Probably the only reason for comparison really is the tanning.
But what the hell, a lot of people tan besides gals, or guidos.
So its not a really solid comparison.

I guess its only sad because I love gyaru style, but I can
understand from an outside point of view and how they can
compare it to something north american audiences are familiar with
ooohhh... MTV... haha

Check out the story here!


Samispoon said...

I liked it for not being too much of a "LOL OMG JAPAN FASHION IS CRAZY LOOK AT THEM HAHAHA" article XD XD

Eden said...

Why are they comparing street snaps to Jersey Shore doing publicity photos on the red carpet? Of course gals would be dressed up better on the red carpet too.
I agree, tanning and maybe love to party/club is the only similarities I see ;x

☆shawna☆ said...

Because this article has been floating around a bit on facebook, Shannon actually found an article from the same writer on a model from 小悪魔ageha which is much better. Probably only for the fact that its an interview and they aren't comparing it to anything else, rather they're just showing how she feels and what she does for work.