Thursday, September 23, 2010

アゲる!POP祭り2010 『Popteen』 『PopSister』 モデルが集結!

A fashion show with models from Popteen and PopSister :)
A lot of cute coordinates!
I made some quick collages for the themes and outfits I liked the best!
You can check out the full page with all photos here :)




girly (great examples fur trend, nordic trend)

sexy and cool

Which look is your favorite??
I love the girly and sweet look, because you play it up and
be sexy cute. Nice trendy items right now too! Love it :)


Samispoon said...

Im loving sexy and cool because I want that JSG jumper sooo badly!

Ivie said...

They're all so great! XD

Chaudie said...

My favorite was the sexy looks. But I noticed that sweet looks like Dolly-Gal

Yuki said...

girly and sweet are kinda similar.
but i like them both. I love fall fashion in general :):)
Can't wait till i can go shopping~~

☆shawna☆ said...

Samispoon: Sexy and cool is really stylish!! and hot. I used to like some of JSG when the nekomimi was super popular but I cant get into that brand otherwise :(

Chaudie: well, dolly gals are supposed to be sweet so its basically the same :P Just different way to call it

Yuki: yeah fall fashion is sooo cute!! I also cant wait to go shopping (but I need a job first :( aahhh)