Monday, September 6, 2010

A rainy day!

casual look today

Today is rainy!
I met up with Kathy and got a shirt from her :)
I'll wear it once I put an outfit together~

Well since I am bored, I photoshopped a photo
of me from grade 1 into a scary gal lol....

well, if only I can do my hair like that, hahaha

I will update about New York once most of
the pictures everyone took are uploaded!
I wanna choose my faves so wait for it :)


Eden said...

love your hat <3

sly said...

ahh you eye makeup is always so nice~ @__@

KatoKathy said...

Even on a casual day you were still cute!

I so didn't want you to see me like that today because I looked like crap. XD

Cale said...


You look so cute in first picture!

robin said...

the lighter hair looks really good on you!