Sunday, August 22, 2010


On Saturday I was a zombie!

Every summer, Vancouver has a zombie walk!
For the past 3 years I've missed it but now it was my chance!
I went my friend Ryota and his son Lucas :)

Yeah!! I was zombie minnie!!

afterwards, we hit up my friend
Jun's birthday party, with my roommate Jay
(who is also celebrating a birthday)
and we zombied it up with all the ESL students!!
too funny~


sly said...

wahh X3 that's too freaking awesome!

D= too bad I missed yet another year of zombie walk~

your makeup skillz is amazing XDD

Hachi said...

Haha that sounds really cool! I totally don't even recognize you at all in those pictures LOL~

Eden said...

That sounds fun!!

Never thought zombie Minnie could be so cute ;P

Lili said...

At first I couldn't reconize you! Hahaha
But even with the zombie makeup, you look so cute. <3
Looks like you have lots of fun :3