Monday, October 24, 2011

☆Halloween Costumes☆

So far I have been wearing a few costumes at work!

That's a really fun part of my job in this season :)
I love costumes! I feel nostalgic about cosplay in highschool, hahaha

A family owns the store im in and the one next door,
the one next door has halloween costumes!
So we promote their costumes in the shoe store by wearing them.

I tried on a lot which don't suit me at all, but I found
some which I really like!

We also sell some costumes in the lingerie store but they
are mooooore cheap quality (except the one I bought hehe)

I'm supposed to be a 'ravishing rogue pirate' or smth like that
Also alice! Don't mind the leggings and cons :) Work uniform
you could say, working in a shoe store haha

I wore this one twice because this is my favorite!!!!!

The flapper girl is from the lingerie store im working at,
I bought that one for halloween because I wanted a dress
I could wear in another occasion too :)
The gypsy one is waaaaay cute too!!! I was excited wearing that one.
A homeless guy on the street told me I'm from Cirque du Soleil *I wish*

Let's see what I wear for the rest of my shifts~ :)

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