Friday, November 11, 2011

Moving again~

Little update just so u know i'm alive :P

I'm moving again! At December 1st, im really excited.
It's pet friendly too and there is a kitty!! Yahoo~~
Pretty much the house i'm in now became a party house
and I can't sleep well at all, been so stressed cuz
I've also been working almost 50hrs a week,
today was the last day of 26 days in a row of work... fml
Love my roomies now but they just can't keep quiet at all.
Living with 2 people is better than living with 8 people :)

Drama happening with one of my jobs, not good at all...
and working in Richmond will be way too far of a commute
once I move, so tomorrow i'm job hunting yet again too...

Goodnight all, sweeeet dreams xoxoxo

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