Monday, November 29, 2010

It's cold! Be warm and gal!

I believe, because most of us western gals are from
more northern climates, its important to stay warm
but stay gal in the winter!

As you saw a few posts back, it snowed here!
Luckily, it melted, but its still sooo cold....

Here are some suggestions how you
can keep warm without sacrificing style!

There isn't such a definite "warm style"
as its more about layering items
but keeping the items trendy to stay gyaru!

I'll start from the bottom up!

As you all probably know,
furry legwarmers are super trendy right now!
For winter, why not try some?
Thigh high boots will always be in style,
or go for booties and pair them with tights :)
Ugg style can be cute too if you find the right pair!

So, you've got your footwear, now you need
some legwear! Even if it's cold, it's always cute
to wear boots with knit long socks! Try
tights with prints like nordic, leopard, or lace.
Damage denim pants will always be sexy too!

If its cold, you can still wear skirts and dresses!
Layer them with tights and long socks.
Skirts and dresses which are tighter to your body
or have lots of layers/ruffles/or fur trim will
help to keep you warm :) Just pay
attention to what prints or patterns are stylish~

With sweaters, you could almost choose anything.
It all depends on your style! Sweaters are always
warm so there isn't much to discuss here :P

This is also common sense and not much needs to be said,
just to reiterate my point, keep your coat or jacket choices
in sync with whats trending and suits your style!
Big right now is Fur coats, Poncho style, Puffer jackets :)

My personal favorite aspect of winter...
hats and scarves!! Can they be any cuter??
These are all pretty much my personal choices
but they are items which will probably always
work with any gyaru outfit you can pick~
Knit and fur items will keep you extra warm :)

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