Monday, January 17, 2011

Friday night~

Al, Jay, Ryota, 3 amigos

Friday nite~
Jay, Ryota, and Al had planned on going to something called turbo tweek.
I had no idea what it was, and finally decided to go with them, had 10
mins to get ready, and go~~(thus my style sucked)~~~

Actually I was kinda dissapointed with the event.
It was a rave in a community hall (LOL),
and everybody was fucked up (people were snorting coke in the toilets)
We all had a few shots of jager and spiced rum and
attempted to dance to the music but it was so... undanceable.

It was only $5 to get in tho so not too much of a waste!

Went home around 2.30, tried calling up another friend.
She was piiiiiiisssssed cuz we bailed on her earlier.
She was having a farewell party for someone we didn't really know~

So, while trying to calm her down and head to her apt,
we just had a stupid ass photoshoot haha....
90% of the pictures were terrible!
But it was so funny at the time haha~

Having some beers

The only normal photo of the bunch lol


Al's concept is to be telling Jay something crazy

Trying to pose but failing~

ok yeah I really have no idea why im making a blood sign lol

at first we fight...

and then unite...

power team evolution!

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