Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Everyone is doing their new years posts... me too!

For new years, I went to my friend Danielle's house party
and it was so much fun!! Didn't get any pictures, but thats ok
I looked so fugly anyway~ Was at work all day :P
The 3 sisters were together that night............
Denise, Danielle, and Diane... so cute, all of them :)

So Ryota, Lucas, and I left around 1am...
Lucas was so tired and I had to work in the morning....

I had a really big problem though with the taxi service
here in Vancouver, waited over 2 hours and didn't even
get a taxi in the end. We called them like 100 times,
was told over and over we were on the highest priority,
yeah right! Liars! One guys said to us "oh a taxi came
to the address and nobody was there"
Liarssss we were waiting the whole time~

Finally I ran up the block to catch one on main street,
and after a few passed me by one stopped, I got in,
told him to go down the block to pick up my little brother
and ryota and the taxi driver got pissed off and said he was
too busy, he couldn't do it, had no time, told me to get out.
I pleaded with him like "please!! there is a 7 yr old kid with me and
its 2 am!! we just want to go home"
driver: "oh no I cannot do that you have to get out I have to go!"

Got a ride from someone, went to bed... so tired..

Have to work on Jan 1st which sucked...
it was so dead, I don't know why the malls now decide
to open on new years day, of course every employee will
be hungover and tired and every customer is at home sleeping!!
How can they make much profit?? Stupid!

So after a long day of work, went to my friend
Kim's farewell party! He went back to Korea today.
Our friend Manabu is a really awesome artist, and
painted a portrait of him to take back... so sweet!
Just one group shot to add to this entry.

Had fun guys!! Take care, Kim!!

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