Sunday, June 19, 2011

★★Sponsored Post★★

I'm here with a review of some lenses sponsored by!

I received a really nice pair of lenses which really compliments my
natural eye color! My natural color is grey/blue/hazel and sort of
changes depending on the light.

Size: 14.00 mm
Color: Grey
Style: Bella BS205
Lifetime: Up to 1 year
Water Content: 38%~42%

Click the photos for a larger view!
(zoom in to see the details!)

Stock Photo

In the case

In natural light with work appropriate makeup

Artificial light with a bit heavier makeup

I rate these lenses

These lenses are really cute! And because they
are only 14.00 mm you can still wear them without
heavy makeup and it won't look very unnatural at all!

I find them a bit uncomfortable after about 5 hours
of wearing them, even though they are a little thinner
than my other lenses.. I don't have a problem with long
periods of wear with my other lenses.

For the Bella series you can only
purchase the brown and grey in prescription
from the mukuchu webshop.

Also, the light grey part you see in the stock photo does
not cover the natural color of your eye very well,
so if you're eye color is too different from grey,
it might look a little strange.
You can see what I mean when you look at the photo
of the lenses which are inside the case and not on my eye

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