Tuesday, July 12, 2011

☆Little Life Update☆

I think I mentioned before, getting a 2nd job at a clothing store,
but that totally didn't work out. That company is so flakey!!
I don't suggest ever applying for any company under the Y.M. group
if its in your country! This is what happened...

handed in resume, scheduled interview on the spot

went in for interview, but the girl called in sick and nobody
called me to reschedule so wasted my time and money
getting there, rescheduled when I was there

came again for the interview, girl was there, but they lost my resume,
so my interview was rescheduled again for a time I bring a new resume in

had a literally 3 minute interview, hired, given new employee signoff package

filled out all the paperwork and got all my bank info the
following week and went back to give it to them,
told they would give an employee number within 1~3 weeks

1 month passed, I called them, and they said they are still
waiting on head office called again 2 weeks later, the girl
who answered had no idea what was going on

1 month later, I just give the fuck up on that job. So flakey and disorganized.

So I'm still working at the lingerie store but its in the next city over, kinda pain
in the ass to get there for the shifts especially when I get only short shifts :'(
And I get so many customers who can only speak mandarin,
so lose my sales because I can't help them.... lol

Luckily, my friend hired me as her design assistant for her clothing line!
But its only as an 'as needed' basis~

Luckily again, re-hired at the shoe store I used to work at starting from next month!!

Now, just need to find a job to replace the lingerie store,
I hope I can get one within Vancouver. Trying to get something non-retail!!


At the end of the month we're having a giant housewarming party
at my new place! Gonna have 2 floors of music and at least 9 DJ's....
I'm sooooooo excited!!!!!! You can expect a super huge post about
that when its done!! I wish a lot of you were here to enjoy with me!

Ciao Bellas!!

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