Monday, July 25, 2011

☆Sakuran Bomb☆

I don't think I really mentioned this to people except a few people
but last month I decided to graduate from BT, was not really feeling
that it was for me anymore. It was something I was thinking about
for a very long time and finally did.

So advice for you all, instead of dwelling on something you want to
do or not, just do it and go with the flow!! :)

After I graduated, I accepted an invitation from my friend Katrina
to join her local circle, Sakuran Bomb. This, im really happy about
because its going to be awesome to actually hang out with members
of the circle im in! Just chill, talk, shop, etc~~~ yahoooooo☆

We met up yesterday to talk about what we want for the circle,
and did some window shopping and some serious sitting in McDix
hahaha.. for like 4 hours.

Her cellcam makes my eyes big wowow

I will try to scan the purikura cuz its so cuuute~ :)

Peace out!!

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