Saturday, August 20, 2011

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Hey everyone, back with another review for!

For anyone new reading my reviews,
my eyes are naturally a blue/grey color :)

Size: 14.00 mm
Color: Brown
Style: Fresh series FC-724
Lifetime: Up to 1 year
Water Content: 38%~42%

Stock Photo

In the case.
I lost my case photo so borrowed one from google :)

No makeup

Natural Light

With Flash

Full face view :)

I rate these lenses

These lenses are really good for wearing
without much makeup as the size is not too big and the
color is very natural. I recieved these in prescription too!

I had a problem with this specific pair of
lenses so I feel I can't properly review how comfortable
they actually are. One side of the lens probably had a
very tiny scratch or hole, so as soon as I put it in either
eye, no matter the length of time I rinsed or soaked,
it really irritated my eye, so I couldn't wear them
for more than like 15 minutes. But I assume they
will be about the same comfort as any other lens, :)

I was also not totally happy with the color,
because the lens looked like a nice honey brown
but it faded into my slightly darker color of eyes.

For this series of Fresh style, from Mukuchu you
can only purchase in brown or grey :)

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