Saturday, November 26, 2011

☆Some Purikura with Sakuran Bomb☆

Had a nice meet with my gal-sa Sakuran Bomb today!
Finally getting the 3 of us together after!!
And it was sooooooooooooooooooo fun!!

Met up Kathy first and we chilled and talked
about boys and work and such waiting for Katrina♥

Went to Guu (Aberdeen Mall) for lunch!
Katrina took a photo of my food for me :)

Kathy taking a picture of her food too haha

Taking a picture of Katrina taking a picture of me haha

We headed to Parker Place for our favorite hobby~

Kathy had to leave for her nail appointment,
so me and Katrina window shopped and cam whored

We got a little exchange diary from Daiso that
we're writing our memories of meet ups in ♥


After I hung out with the girls, I went home
and didn't have any plan for the night,
but my friend Tina invited me out to a bar
with some friends, and I invited my roomie Estelle!

We bought a bottle of Whiskey before we got there so that
we didn't spend too much money, finished it off,
and we were wasted. Actually I was more wasted hahaha

So before we went home got some PIZZA!

I sure look goofy when I'm drunk hahahaha


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