Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer is here!

This is the direction I want to take for my summer style :)
It's super casual and comfortable and cute!
I hope I get a job soon so that I can go shopping,
I found some really great pieces recently that I hope I can
buy before my sizes or the style is gone..... aaahhh!!

These are really easy summer pieces too.
Summer is all about comfort, right? :)
I think especially the long denim shirt should
be in everyone's wardrobe, its so versatile
this season for any outfits.

You guys should post your summer style plans too!
I love polyvore haha, try it!


Ami said...

I agree with the denmin shirt its a staple piece for summer

Mitsu said...

I'm loving your concept of a lot of white shoes. I think white shoes get ignored lately and they make pale ladies look so great tho! Cute coordis ♥

☆shawna☆ said...

I know... since im so pale, white shoes make less pale, especially paired with lighter clothes :)
Also looks amazing on tanned gals too~ white is perfect for summer.