Sunday, June 13, 2010

Nightmarket :)

I went to richmond nightmarket last night with Lauren and Ryota :)
I don't have pics from the nightmarket (wtf why not!?? lol)
But I have pictures of the only things I got~

I wanna go back and see if they will get any better stuff,
its not so great this year!!! I was a little bit dissapointed,
but at least the taiyaki is still there!! My favorite :)

Skull scarf~ Saving it for fall/winter coordinates :)

Eyelashessssss they had really good deals
the ones in the middle were 2 for $5 but each pack had 2 so total I got 4 :)
And the top and bottom was 5 for $10 so lauren got 3 and I got 2
love my new lashes :)


Ami said...

oooh love the eyelashes nice scarf too it will be great for fall!

Shmuberry said...

The lashes in the middle look great =D

I,ve never been to a night market! T_T

Rii said...

I love the scarf!