Monday, July 5, 2010


The worst part about being gal is shopping while not having a job.

I present to you my new cute clothes, hahahaha.... I don't regret it!!
I wanna shop more!!!!! What should I do?
(I know I know.. get a job..)

Reminds me of Delyle haha.
This summer im crazy for pink~

Reminds me of tralala a bit~
Pinky again :) :)

Hella cute dress. I' m gonna wear it to karaoke on tuesday
so hopefully I remember to take an outfit shot!

The t-shirts were 2 for $30 so its not bad.
There is a store in Metrotown (big mall here in BC) called Mimi McQueen
which usually has really cute stuff. I often shop there~ :)

The dress is from a chinese store in Parker Place (super chinese mall in Richmond)
50% off so I couldnt resist~

The crazy thing is that im supposed to be saving
money to go to Japan this year again,
but I keep spending.

Recently I've been finding a lot of actually cute clothes in
Vancouver, which is really strange because usually
everything is so casual or ugly.

This season Trafaluc in Zara had the cutest
skirts and short which I really wanted to get!
But by the time I decided to spend the money and go,
the styles I wanted were already sold out.

This is a lesson to all you gals!
You spot something you love, dont think twice! Just buy!

If you really regret it, just return it lol
thats better then regretting not buying!!!!


Mitsu said...

I understand. I'm supposed to be saving, too yet all I do lately is shop shop shop and spend my money.

Oh well. I agree pretty clothes pretty life! That dress is adorable ♥

Emy said...

such cute clothes sweetie~~ hope u can find ur job soon ^0^