Monday, July 12, 2010


(woo canada day purikura ~!)

On Canada day, I decided to go to alife in gastown for their summer sale + BBQ
It was my first time in there, and I really liked what I saw☆
I got a freakin' awesome hat!!!!!
(as seen in the next purikura)

The color is super hot pink,
but as we all know purikura lightens up everything :P

One of the staff is a really cool guy, Jay Kin.
He is an aspiring recording artist which I met laaast year? at my
friends Brithday party.

Me, Lucas, Ryota, Jay Kin :)

Alife has a store in Tokyo which I wanna visit on my next trip :)
Cool street style~

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Moo said...

Cool pics. I've only been to Alife in NYC and everything's hella cool! It's such a good deal when they have sales. That's a super cute hat and you look so pretty!