Monday, November 1, 2010

Friday night halloween critical mass

SO, my main halloween plans fell on Friday night.

Jay invited me and ryota to go ride critical mass with him.

Critical Mass is a monthly ride in large cities to
promote green ways of transportation and draw attention
to how actually a lot of people criticize cyclists and aren't
nice to them/dont treat them fairly as traffic, etc....
It's kind of like a protest in a way.

sooo anyway friday nite was halloween critical mass!

Andddddd we dressed up from JERSEY SHORE lol!
I haven't actually seen it besides commercials hahaha
but it was sooooo funny

Here are our costumes!!!

I was Snookie, Jay was Polly D (sp?) and
Ryota was just a random guido :)



ME lol (my bike isn't orange, its HOT PINK btw~)

Group shot :)

haha I love how I forgot to put makeup on my hand XD

After the ride it got chilly so I changed my clothes
and we went to Granville street (entertainment street in van)
to have fun!!


Alicia said...

Hilarious! :) You make a cute and very convincing Snookie!

Samispoon said...

Though your initial plans fell through I think your back up was awesome and the costume choice is fantastic!!! XD

Claire said...

Haha super cute! Jay makes a really good Pauly D(Sp?). Think it is great you supported such a cool cause.

Lin said...

ahhh that's hillarious~
you look amazing as per usual!

Eden said...

Sooo much love for you guys doing this, haha....