Friday, November 5, 2010

Maple Story

Well, I haven't had much to do lately...

So about a month or so ago, I started playing
an online game called Maple Story.
I played it a few years ago for a few weeks but
couldn't get into it. I think this time,
I got into because there was a new job and
I figured out how to customize my character.

Meet happikiss :)
I'm a pirate! (in windia)

I bought stuff from the cash
shop by filling out surveys
(w/fake info hahahahaha)

so now I have this cute pirate girl :)

If anyone else is bored............
and have free time, why don't you play with me?
Make a character in windia world ~
we can play together :) :)


Shmuberry said...

I have never player maple story... maybe I should give it a try since characters can be so adorable!!

Eden said...

Maple Story, haha.. brings back memories~

I remember you can buy a little pet that follows you, and it even poops lol

VALENTINE † said...

Never got into Maplestory myself , but Happikiss looks so cute X33 What's the objective/story behind that game , by the way ? An old friend of mine was addicted to it .

☆shawna☆ said...

Shmuberry, the fact that the character can be cute is probably the only reason I play almost :P

Eden, there are pets that poop??
haha whats the point of that XD
doesn't make sense!

Val, the objective is like pretty much every other mmorpg... just kill monsters and level up and do quests.
I just like the cute graphics :)

Hachi said...

Wow, I played Maple Story YEARS ago lol, this brings back memories xD

I always hated the cash shop because I couldn't make my character look nice x( yours is cute!!