Sunday, November 7, 2010

EGG magazine november favorites

EGG is one of my favorite gyaru magazines!
I feel like in the western gal community
over the years there has been either a hate
or a love for this magazine. I like it because it's
its a more youthful than some mags but still
more mature than some at the same time~
At this point in my life I just cannot get
into magazines like blenda and jelly,
the style is too mature/old for my mind~

So anyway!


What I think are the best/worst coords :)

Just so you know, this is my opinion,
and not to be taken as an absoulte
wear this, dont wear that :P
Its all about my personal style and what
I like to see gals wearing!

First off,
I don't really follow models, but
Romihi is pretty much one of the only
models I do take notice of and like.

Here are 2 little collages of outfits
that I think work well!

(oops forgot to erase the lines top/bottom haha)
1) This was a pretty generic outfit but straight hair love :)
This is more an example of how to wear straight hair and still
look gyaru by having the right make and trendy outfit~

2) I love the playful colors and how this is bold but
still very visually pleasing!

3) love d.i.a furry legwarmers *_*
oh hey polka dots!

1) aw cute nordic thats sweet and still looks very warm
for those cold winter days :)

2) geeky trend love happening here.
Looks like an outfit that you could
quite easily wear to school, fit in
and still look gal ;)

3)All I can say about this is

4) My favorite look is miniskirts and
I never wear jeans but this looks
like a simple way to wear trends,
be warm, casual, and stylish.
Items which look easily accessible
in north american stores :)

and here is what I think is an
do I hope myself or anyone
would be caught dead wearing this!

1) This might have been okay if she had worn a skirt/shorts
and higher boots but to me this resembles what an old chinese lady
wears in the market.

2) An example of furry boots gone wrong

3) To me this looks blocked up because of the black
its such a contrast. Looks like spring trying to fit into winter trends
I think mostly the tights are hideous with this outfit.

There are a few other outfits
I would add into the yes and no
pictures but I like sticking to full
body shots so the collage is more cohesive


Dolly said...

Ahhhh, Romihi is like my all time favorite. It's funny you mention EGG as being the in-between magazine because I think exactly the same way! I feel obligated to get EGG every month but don't mind missing out on all the others...

As for Jelly and Blenda, I think they're so boring even though the mag is always huge... and the models even have a boring look. I DO love Happie Nuts even though they fall in the same category though. Somehow I think their look is more interesting and edgy.

Claire said...

I agree on most of these, I still think the furry leg warmers remind me a little too much of 80's work out clothes but that's just me :3

Nice insight, never read EGG these days as I don't really follow gyaru too much just take bits and pieces from it to add to my own style XD

Thanks for the cool post.

Eden said...

Ooh, sharing more Romihi love ❤ She was, and still is one of my biggest gal inspirations, and I'm not even a big EGG fan.

That leopard & black coord. with the ripped jeans is super sexy~!

And those furry boots Kanako is wearing are hideous, they look like 2 dead llamas :| No thx.

Tricia Isabela said...

I really love all the outfits you picked!! The furry legwarmers in the third one are so adorable! ♥

Samispoon said...

Love Romihi and all the outfits you selected, so this is a winner post to read hehe

Hachi said...

EGG is my favorite magazine too! LOVE that outfit with the leopard print top, I've been dying to get my hands on a pair of ripped black skinny jeans~ :B