Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gyaru links and About me!

Hey everyone! Something I've been meaning to do
forever and had in the works- TABS
currently only have About me and Links list of my fave sites!
I have some other tabs im working on
but you'll have to wait :)

Once my acne clears up a bit more
i'm gonna be doing my makeup tutorial finally!
Some people asked ages ago but my acne
has been very difficult lol... but getting better yey~


Claire said...

Feels like many of us bloggers have been inflicted with bad skin recently. Hope it clears up soon :)

Lin said...

It might be the change in weather~
hope to see a tutorial soon ^__~

bones said...

hope your skin gets better soon, your make always looks great so i cant wait!

Yukitty said...

Can't wait!
You can always use photoshop tho...:D

Princess Raphaella said...

Awww, good luck on that! Hope to see your tutorial soon~