Monday, November 15, 2010

Feeling icky + Koneko giveaway + Gal hair show

My friend is having a cold right now,
and while I haven't got it as worse,
my throat feels a little bit hurt and I had a
headache the other day.

I didn't help myself either, I was eating
junk food all day today and drinking until I was
fucked up last night hahaha


Lucas "plays" bass

Some people~ Almost everyone I met for the first time

Playing with dinosaurs and ninjas

Manabu's crazy pants

Speaking of parties,
a few nights ago we had a small party
here for Ayano's birthday,
anddd the best thing about it was that
Jay brought LASERS haha! Fun!

Koneko's Giveaway

If you guys are interested,
Koneko reached over 100 followers and
is having a giveaway on her blog here
Why don't you check it out?

Gal Hair Show

Next friday i'm going to a Japanese Gal Hairshow
I'll definitely post pictures from that!
I have a few people I might be going with,
and my kind of friend is doing a performance
so it'll be a fun night! If anyone is in Vancouver,
its at Joseph Richards night club, 6.30~9.30
$5 cover!

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