Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gal hair show



BTW these aren't my pictures,
took them from my friend, because somehow
I've lost my digicam charger... so its dead T_T
Also found a few on facebook!

I was with a bunch of friends so at
least I was not bored!

Anyway, there were only few models,
their hair was already styled before even getting up on
the stage, and they spent like 10 minutes each
just posing and fake smiling -_-

Look, the audience looked more gal than the models LOL

Me and Vikki :) She has such a cute smile~

Most of the hairstyles weren't what I would
even consider to be gal, aaaannnddd
they went on to put weird shit in their hair
like pizza boxes and bubble tea cups/straws
WHAT!? whatever!

In the middle of the show my friend
Jay Kin did a performance of a
few songs from his new album~
Check out one of his songs!

So after his performance, me and my friends
just went to the back of the crowd,
grabbed a bunch of drinks, and just
danced to sound of DJ Wataru :P

After the show, grabbed a few more people
and have a house party~ Fun night after all!

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